Christmas Table Inspiration

For our Thanksgiving dinner, I was able to style our table! This was the first time I was working with a table and I loved it! I am now in the process of planning a mini-styled table shoot in a few months! Now, this is a Thanksgiving table, but it can easily be transformed into a Christmas table!

I used kraft wrapping paper, candles, a Target table runner, sparkling cider bottles (spray painted and non), dried Eucalyptus (MY FAVORITE!!) from Kroger, and a white paint pen for the writing!

For the writing, I had to do a few layers for the white to stand out!

For the candles to fit, I had to cut their sides down! You have to be careful though, because you can cut them down too small! They will fall down to the bottom of the bottle! 😦

If you’re wondering about the bottles and how I got the stickers off.. I soaked them in water mixed with vinegar! I soaked them for an hour and they came right off! The spray paint took to them really well, too! It was an easy and quick DIY!

Want to use this for Christmas? Easy! You can either keep it the way that it is or throw in some pine garland! You could even take out the red table runner to make it a little more moody and simple! I would use gold candlesticks, a garland, and the kraft paper!

Happy Decorating!


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