Pear Recipe #1


Time to fill your glass or mug or cup! This is a great drink to start your holiday mornings! The ones that are left that is. (Christmas and New Years..) I’m a little behind on the times- trying my best to catch up!


You need some…



orange juice

apple juice

champagne or sparkling cider


This is where you get to have fun! Whichever you’d like to taste more of, use that the most! I made two different recipes and loved them both! One recipe I used more orange juice and the next one I used more apple juice!

Mix it all together and there you go! Put some rosemary on the top of that glass or inside the mug for some added flavor! If you’d like to add some more flavor, cut some pear chunks into the drink. You can also slice the pear and place it on the side of your drink!

I love using the Moscow Mule mugs because they keep your drinks extra cool!



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