Pear Recipe #3


Here is the final pear recipe of the bunch! It was definitely fun while it lasted. Editing pictures with these pears posed quite the challenge. Everything was coming out crazy orange! I also had tons of frustrations with styling it all! This is the most ingredients I have had and I just felt stuck. So I feel like my pictures look that way too. BUT, I am trying to look at this as GROWTH. 🙂 I also realized how much honey I use in recipes, so I am now on the look out for a honey dipper!


For this recipe, you need almost the same ingredients as recipe #2! You will need…


brie cheese




bread (I used wheat)



This recipe is almost EXACTLY like the last one, except in grilled cheese form! Coat the outside of the bread with butter and turn a frying pan onto medium heat! Place as much brie cheese, pears, cinnamon, jam, and honey in the middle! For jam, we used strawberry because it was what we had in our fridge. It was suggested to use marmalade, but we didn’t have it! Cook until the outside of the bread is crisp and brown or the cheese is melted! Cut into slices and enjoy!


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